What our Customers say...


Contacted Glenna to help me clean up after two bathrooms in the house backed up and overflowed.  Her team came out within hours and helped me to assess the situation.  Not only did they disinfect and help me dry out the affected areas of the house, but they also helped me find a plumber to fix the problem that caused the backup.  Her team was friendly and quick.  And they did a great job cleaning up and drying the house out.  I didn't have to worry about the clean up and could just focus on getting my family calm and back into their routine.

Andy and Glenna were terrific in resolving our water and mold issues.  We were well informed via photos, emails, and phone as we were on the mainland during the entire process.  They were very friendly, professional, and quickly gained our complete trust.  Would recommend them with no hesitation.

Andy, Dave, Jon, and the crew did a fine professional job responding to an extensive leak on a Sunday morning (isn't it always on a Sunday?) in a second floor condo unit in Kailua. They worked quickly with great coordination and speed. The tenant, property manager, resident manager and owner were continuously kept apprised of the situation. Follow up was great and on schedule. They delivered what they promised and it was a pleasure to have them working for us. We were all treated respectfully and they never tired of explaining the same issues repeatedly for each of us individually. They answered our questions and concerns with patience and courtesy. Our resident manager made the call to use them and we can see why. There is no other company but SERVPRO Kailua North/Laie for us in the future. We hope to never have to call them again (we have had our quota of emergencies for this year!) but we highly recommend them should the sudden unexpected need arise.

I am typically a "do-it-yourself" kind of girl and hate to pay money for a job that I believe I can do well. I own a carpet cleaner and typically will clean my carpets every several months or so. This last time I did it...I found that a day or so after I had cleaned my carpets, they were actually dirtier than they were before I cleaned them. Also it had been raining and they never throughly dried out...my house smelled like mildew. Glenna to the rescue! They typically are used to cleaning up after major flooding or fire/water damage, I felt silly calling for such a "small job"...she happily responded and set up a time for one of her crew to come help me out. The service member was on time, courteous, fast and professional. They got the stain I was concerned with out and the mildew smell was gone! I will recommend this company to anyone as well as use them again. Thank you!!

Andy and Glenna are so professional and kind. They moved quickly on my behalf and have done everything possible to help me in every way. Everyone that I met with SERVPRO was professional and never stopped working. They give 100% all the time and are the best in the business!

Jomar, is a caring field agent!  He has good people skills and works his job with integrity and more.

I recently was asked to watch over my neighbors home while she left on an extended 3 week holiday.  We share an adjacent wall.

Tomoe Clancy had major water leak from her toilet upstairs causing water damage upstairs and downstairs.   They called your company SERVPRO to help dry up the place.

Though I'm just a neighbor in charge of letting in your work crew in and out of the Clancy home, I was totally interested in your dry up process.

I mentioned to Jomar I had a problem too. He agreed to come over to my home and access the water damage. He also took a moisture reading.  

Jomar was helpful in explaining what the process was and how the process works with machines. He also reported that your company will follow through whether it took 2 weeks or more.... the dehumidifier and blowers would run until the moisture readings were correct.   He has been here 3 different times to monitor and evaluate my neighbors house.  Today he removed remaining equipment.  The Clancy job is now finished.

I'm just a bystander impressed with this operations manager

Joe was awesome. He called us everyday and explained what was happening, what he was going to do, and also what he did. Very professional. Jake was also very helpful. I'd highly recommend them.. on a good note I hope to never see them again!! Lol.. but if I do have any problems I'd call them for sure! !

Our family wants to say thank you very much to Mr. Chase Blondin. His attitude and quality of work was excellent. We strongly recommend him for solving problems that come from flooding that damages your home.

Andy and Glenna Maras, the owners did a great job with a recent challenge with my home and were professional, friendly, clean and communicated well every step of the way. I highly recommend their company if you ever have the unfortunate need for this type of service. truly appreciate their attitude and work.

Glenna and Andy are THE BEST! They are knowledgeable, professional and friendly! They provide excellent service. I would highly recommend them to everyone! Thank you Glenna and Andy for all you do!

It has been a real pleasure to know and work with Glenna Maras, of SERVPRO of Kailua.  She and her Husband really know how to handle the tough issues regarding water damage and fire damage to buildings and homes. . I am very concerned about mold esp. in Hawaii climate, and know we can depend on Glenna and SERVPRO to take care of these issues professionally and safely.  Thank you so much Glenna!

It's one of those things you hope you never need but when disaster strikes it's nice to know that Glenna and Andy have the skills to bring your place back like it never happened. You would be amazed at the "before and after" pictures of some of their work. Highly recommended!

Contracted Christy and Ricky to clean the apartment I was moving out of. I thought they did solid work given the scope of the job I had laid out for them, but my landlord complained about several corners with dust, a couple of tiny streaks on Windows and floors, and the storage space which hadn't been cleaned (due to miscommunication, not negligence). These two had such professional integrity that they came back the day after we talked and knocked out the areas of discrepancy, free of charge. I would hire them again in a heartbeat, and I will recommend them to anyone I come across.

I needed to have my carpets cleaned and saw an ad on Facebook so I called and got an estimate. It was a great deal so I made an appointment. Kristi and Ricky showed up right on time. They were nice, professional, and their work was excellent. If you're looking for an honest, professional, and reliable company with excellent service, call SERVPRO Kailua/North Laie!

This is the second time Joe came out to my house to help us out.

The first time I had a flood downstairs. Joe was very professional and fast in cleaning the mess.

The second time I called was today, a Sunday - he came out as soon as he could.

We really appreciate his timeliness, patience and professionalism during these stressful situations.

I highly recommend him. Knock on wood - I won't need him again, but if I do I would definitely call Joe!

I live in a high rise in downtown and got flooded when my upstairs neighbor left his bath running. Andy answered immediately and sent Jomar to handle my case. Jo provided excellent service. Kept me updated all along the way and made a really stressful situation a little more manageable. He dealt directly with my insurance regarding the extraction, cleaned up after he left, and always showed up or called when he said he would. Excellent! Would definitely use them again (tho hope I never have to

Jomar, Zack and Joel,

Thank you for everything! I really appreciate all the help cleaning the mess. I could have never taken care of it on my own. The water was everywhere and you guys came in and took care of it, my home looks better now than it did before my pipe broke.


 Jomar, and Chase were both excellent as project managers and Rico and Wally were both very hard workers too. Your team was excellent and kept me laughing during a difficult time which helped make the longs days better!

Also, Jo would touch base with me daily that was a plus!

Andy and Glenna Maras, the owners did a great job with a recent challenge with my home and were professional, friendly, clean and communicated well every step of the way. I highly recommend their company if you ever have the unfortunate need for this type of service. truly appreciate their attitude and work.

Andy did a great job for me here in my home. I was nervous about letting somebody cut up my sheet rock in my living room after I had a flood. Andy really new what he was doing and left me feeling very comfortable with the whole mitigation process.

SERVPRO came after my toilets backed up from my neighbors apartment. WHAT A MESS! They came in and clean it up. Smelly, gross mess all gone. I couldn't even start to clean that up my self. NO WAY! Whole house smells better now than ever before.

SERVPRO was very prompt and polite. They were very sensitive to my needs as a chemo patient. My pipe broke under my sink in my Kitchen and mold started to grow before I could get it fixed. My immune system is very weak due to being in chemo right now. They took extra care to make sure that no harmful air born mold spores spread through out my home. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone that has had and water damage to there home. Andy and Jon you did a great job. Thanks.

I own a distribution company with a warehouse full of supplies that I ship out all over the us. When my warehouse flooded, Andy and Glenna got the problem taken care of right a way and business was back to normal in no time.

I HATE CATS!. I moved into a house that had a very strong cat urine odor. I had read about how to get rid of it online and tried to get rid of it myself. I tried and tried with no success. Andy used his SERVPRO Bright and Neutral cleaner and then sealed the floor. Thank you! Did I mention I hate cats.

I am an asthmatic and have been having breathing difficulties. I could smell a bit of a musty smell in a portion of my home. I couldn't see mold but I could smell it. I hired an Indoor Environmental Professional to come test my home for mold. The test showed higher than normal levels of mold spores in my home. They recommended I call SERVPRO to come take care of the mold. Andy and Jon came to my rescue. They cleaned and treated the area and I really am able to breath so much better now.

I had graffiti on my building. After calling Glenna with SERVPRO she informed that they could get rid of it with out having to repaint the whole wall. No more graffiti on my wall. Thank you Andy and Glenna

The home cleaning services they provided after our home was impacted by a mountain fire was outstanding & beyond measure. The crew was thorough in their cleaning and very professional. What amazed us most was their respectfulness while in our home. We highly recommend SERVPRO Kailua/Laie for your cleaning services. 

"I own a real estate and property management company and SERVPRO of Kailua/Laie is a company we call on and rely on regularly due to needing carpet cleaning services, along with the plumbing breaks, water heater leaks and other flooding/water damage issues. They are professional and when you call for their services quickly, a lot of the damage can be minimized as they will work to counteract mold growth. Don't hesitate to call manager Glenna if you need any help from SERVPRO - she's awesome!"