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SERVPRO Knows What to Do When Fire Damage Strikes a Gallery in Kailua

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Knows What to Do When Fire Damage Strikes a Gallery in Kailua Kailua Fires Get Fast Cleanup and Restoration from SERVPRO

When Fire Strikes in Kailua Move Fast to Mitigate Damages

When an art gallery suffers fire damage in Kailua, the situation can become very different from other business environments experiencing a similar disaster. Galleries of all sorts tend to contain items that are simultaneously valuable, fragile, and important from a cultural standpoint. Without appropriate care and attention, the contents of the gallery may become permanently and irreversibly damaged. Whether your location contains modern, classic, Western, or Native Hawaiian art, SERVPRO provides the expert care and quality of service necessary to handle such a disaster.
Faster to the Disaster     
In the aftermath of fire damage to a gallery in Kailua, time can be critical to saving some of the most sensitive items in the building. Chemicals in smoke and ash may begin to change and destroy certain artistic materials and compounds fundamentally. We keep our representatives and technicians ready on a 24/7 basis to respond to reports of fire, flood, and other types of damage to get there hopefully before anything drastic can happen. Once our technicians and inspectors arrive on the scene, they can evaluate items in and around the damage site for their condition, risk, and value, and act accordingly. Final decisions for salving and attempting to preserve artifacts rest with the client and insurance carrier.
Expert Care
Speed is far from the only consideration we must make when dealing with a fire-damaged establishment of the fine arts. Delicacy and thoroughness are equally essential to avoid further damage to both the building and its contents. We have many protocols in place to protect against evolving situations and extraneous variables, and when our technicians cannot adequately provide treatment for a specific item or material, we maintain a list of contacts with local specialists who know how to handle these objects. When you call SERVPRO to care for your gallery after a fire, you call a trusted, capable, and careful company able to take on even the most challenging of tasks.
SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie is a local provider of fire damage mitigation and restoration service. If a blaze has hit your business, call us at (808) 235-5015.

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Air Conditioning Water Damage To Your Kaneohe Home

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Air Conditioning Water Damage To Your Kaneohe Home Kaneohe Water in the Wrong Places Means SERVPRO is Needed for Clean Up

Secondary Damages Often Occur After Appliance Malfunctions, Gets Things Dried Out Fast, Call SERVPRO

Air conditioners are an everyday staple in nearly every Kaneohe home. While they can be a luxury that makes for some comfortable living, they are still appliances that are mechanized and inevitably bound to malfunction and fail. For window units in homes that don’t feature central air stations, these failures can leave substantial water on the floors and walls of the area.

There are numerous reasons why you want to seek professional assistance for the water damage to your Kaneohe residence. First of all, you probably do not have the tools and equipment to assess the full extent of the damage. You also do not likely possess the equipment or experience to extract and thoroughly dry your home following such an incident, which failing to do this can result in further damages and lingering structural concerns.
Our SERVPRO emergency response team act quickly to reach your home and begin the restoration process right away. With situations like pooling water, the faster the water can get extracted and the area dried, the less likely that lasting damages occur. The initial assessment of the damage first ensures that water is done leaking onto the floor and that the damaged unit is removed from the area to prevent further issues.

Extraction and drying follow this step. Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians then bring out sophisticated instruments like our infrared cameras to measure moisture and assess internal damages to the walls. The further scanning of the area ensures that all of the areas get wholly dried and that the moisture and heat inside of the walls of your home do not combine to produce mold colonies.
Ultimately, our job is not completed until the homeowner can be shown that all of the water has been removed and the damage that it caused has been successfully restored. As this is part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie should be the team you think of when you are facing your own water emergencies. You can reach our emergency response team at any time by calling (808) 235-5015.

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Restoring and Protecting Your Home Through Remediation of Mold Damage in Kaneohe

12/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Restoring and Protecting Your Home Through Remediation of Mold Damage in Kaneohe Homeowners are often devastated and overwhelmed when they find mold in their home. Contacting SERVPRO gets you a trained technician ready to help.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Remediate a Current Mold Infestation While Offering Tips to Prevent a Recurrence

It is never pleasant to find microbial growth taking place in your Kaneohe residence. Mold and mildew should warn you of the presence of unwanted moisture in your home. This moisture permits ever-present microbes to proliferate rapidly.

It is possible for houses in Kaneohe with mold damage to suffer in other ways. Water damage to both materials and personal belongings and an uncomfortable indoor environment can both happen when moisture rises too high. SERVPRO can help restore the areas damaged by mold, prevent other damage from happening, and restore humidity to more comfortable levels in your home.  

Our technicians, certified in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) by the IICRC, are ready to perform the work required to make your home “Like it never even happened.” Mold can appear anywhere in your home that contains too much moisture. We ensure that we remedy this problem first so that mold cannot grow in the future. Using 0.6 mil thick plastic, we completely enclose the area in question.  

We want to ensure that microbes cannot migrate within your home, so we install at least one air scrubber. Forcing the air out through the plastic tubing faster than it can seep in through any minuscule cracks produces negative air pressure in the room. Negative pressure prevents any dust, spores, or other microscopic particles from entering other parts of your home. Hospitals use this technique because it effectively contains highly contagious diseases and prevents their spread.  

As we remove all of the mold-affected materials from your home, we double bag these inside plastic bags. Bagging the materials in this manner makes it safe for us to dispose these items at the curb. Vacuums with HEPA filters efficiently remove fragments and dust from the area. Elimination of damaged materials like drywall, fiberboard, and paneling and dust leaves the area ready for a wipe down with a liquid biocide.  

SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie assists local homeowners to efficiently combat mold damage in their properties, no matter the size. We want your family to live in a safe and healthy environment, so our services and phone are always available, every day of the year. Contact us at (808) 235-5015 so we can help protect your home from microbial growth and the harm it can cause.  

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Protect Your Kahaluu Area Home From Fire Damage

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Protect Your Kahaluu Area Home From Fire Damage SERVPRO Provides Help for You to Mitigate Fire Damage in Your Kahaluu Home

SERVPRO Offers Advice and Programs to Mitigate or Prevent Smoke & Fire Effects to Your Kahaluu Property

It is the oldest story told, people like to think that it could never happen to them. However, even if you are extremely careful, follow every guideline, and are continually working to make your Kahaluu home a safer place to live; fires can occur.  

If you have never had this experience, or are currently recovering from fire damage on your Kahaluu area property, there is help available. With the right training, a technician can help reduce the possibility of fire happening and make your home safer for everyone involved.

With a short inspection of your property, SERVPRO can help locate potential problems and catch hidden dangers before they have an opportunity to cause significant fire damage in your home. However, we also specialize in helping you recover from disasters like this that strike when you least expect them. While it is a part of our job to help you recover quickly and efficiently, SERVPRO technicians also like to provide you answers to help you understand everything that is happening. You benefit from our knowledge and experience, serving as a way to relieve stress and discomfort involved in situations that may produce varying results.

Our technicians have access to advanced equipment and resources allowing us to respond; Faster To Any Size Disaster. Giving you an opportunity to save many of your household contents including furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. SERVPRO’s cleaning technicians, train in every possible situation, producing excellent results you can count on to recover fast.
Many homeowners take advantage of our proactive services by utilizing our ERP APP available online through multiple devices including a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Through our Emergency READY Profile mobile APP, you can develop a relationship with us before experiencing any problems and share critical information that makes responding to your call for help easier and helps to mitigate fire and smoke damage.

Contact us at SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie for additional information about available services or to begin restoring your home, today. We are available 24/7, year-round, never hesitate to give us a call. (808) 235-5015

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Kailua Homeowners Often in Path of Flooding

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Kailua Homeowners Often in Path of Flooding When rain brings floodwaters into your home, it is time to contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services. Call quickly for best results.

SERVPRO Certified Technicians and Project Managers Aim to Dry Out Your Property Quickly to Help Prevent a Mold Infestation

Rainfall totals in the Kailua area are over 50 inches per year, similar to other areas of Hawaii, but well above the nationwide average of 39 inches. Two out of three days show some precipitation, and there is always the possibility of significant rainfall on any given day. The surrounding mountains collect and send water our way as well, all factors contributing to a constant threat of flooding. Our business is to help if our watery climate or infrastructure imperils your property with flood damage.
Terracing of neighboring yards and drainage canals from nearby highways and streets augment the effect of heavy rainfall on your home, causing flood damage in Kailua. Poor maintenance on the part of others, allowing debris to build up and block the intended flow of rainwater runoff, has the unintended consequence of filling your lower levels with water, silt, and other residue. Assisting your recovery from this disaster is one of our core services.
Water is a powerful destructive force, not only soaking your home’s building materials and contents, but also threatening the integrity of its foundation and structure. SERVPRO is well aware of the devastation flooding brings to a home, particularly when the water comes fast and contains dirt, rocks, and other items collected as it surges. When we arrive at your home, our experienced managers check first for safety concerns, including structural stability and the threat of electric shock or breached oil or gas lines.
Then our highly-trained crews dig in to remove water, mud, and other residues. If your power is out, our truck-mounted pumps and extractors operate off our generators, avoiding any delay in getting the restoration work started. We have equipment resources that permit us to remove significant accumulations of silt and debris as well as the flood waters. Flood waters are almost always contaminated with chemicals, animal waste, and, potentially, with human waste. The advanced courses SERVPRO’s crew members master concerning gray and black water containment, removal, and disposal support our efforts to get your home back to a clean and sanitary condition.
Drying of the structure and contents is the next step. Air movers and dehumidifiers pull moisture out. If you have quantities of soaked personal belongings, the SERVPRO team inventories, moves, and stages them in a dry area where informed decisions can be made for their restoration or disposal. We offer state of the art document drying off-site, and recommend recovery strategies for furnishings, clothing, and other household items.
SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie is always ready to meet your flood damage needs. Help is a just a call away. The line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (808) 235-5015.

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Defending Your Kailua Home from Fire Damages

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Defending Your Kailua Home from Fire Damages Enjoy the Beach While SERVPRO Cleans Up Your Kailua Home

Prevention Is a Wise Proactive Effort for Potential Fire Damage to Your Kailua Property

Your home is an essential possession in your life. It is the one place that your family universally treasures, and a place where so many of your favorite memories are made. Unfortunately, structure fires and smaller damaging blazes can upend your cherished homestead very quickly. It is best to keep an active defense against potential fires, and if you do, fire damages to your Kailua home might not end up being so severe.

So, how do you prepare for fire damages to your Kailua home? You start by giving yourself the tools to put out fires as they may occur, long before we here at SERVPRO ever have to get involved. All across the Islands, many homes are ill-prepared for an unexpected fire. There are no precautionary items (fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, or sprinkler systems) in place to help quell a fire just as it begins.
While it is not uncommon for homes to have smoke detectors, you should regularly check these devices to ensure that they are working correctly. Not only is this going to give you an opportunity to escape your home safely should the fire be too much to attempt to snuff out on your own, but it might also give you a quick jump on the problem to put the fire out with an extinguisher.
It should be noted that calling in the fire marshall to assess that the fire is truly out, and your structure is safe for reentry is common sense. Once you have the all clear, give SERVPRO a call and let us help you assess the fire damages. Our team is well versed in fire restoration projects and can give you a step by step plan to repair the damages including eliminating any persistent odors.
While no one wants to have to deal with fire, SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie can quickly assess the damage and help you to get things back to normal quickly.  (808) 235-5015.

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Areas that Are More Susceptible to Water Damage in a Typical Kahaluu Home

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Inspects Hot Spots for Water Leakage to Help Prevent Water Damaging Events

Water damage in a typical Kahaluu home does not affect all the areas equally. Some areas are more susceptible to this risk than others. With this being the case, it is important for every homeowner in the area to be familiar with some of the potentially hardest hit areas. It is only in this way that appropriate mitigation strategies can be adopted.

The years and years of SERVPRO’s operation in the field of combating water damage in Kahaluu makes it qualified to offer homeowners information on this issue. Our accumulated work experience and acquired expertise make us a viable partner to restore water damaged homes. For a start, areas beneath the sinks are perhaps the most vulnerable. This is for the sheer reason that sinks handle the lion’s share of all the water that flows in a typical home. Negligence is also a key factor. This is mainly because users of kitchen faucets have time and again failed to close them tightly after use. Bathrooms come in second, as SERVPRO has consistently noted. These two facilities handle quite a large quantity of water, second only to the sinks and kitchens.

They also contain pipes, faucets, and drainage channels that are prone to leaks and damages. Areas underneath water heaters and roof gutters are the third worst affected. SERVPRO technicians often restore these water damaged areas during a service. When unable to contain the excess water, damage is the result. In times of excess precipitation, the basements are often badly hit. Their location below the ground level greatly hampers their drainage.
As such, they can flood or contain excess levels of moisture. They also suffer other negative consequences of excess accumulation of water. Identifying hot spots can help prevent, mitigate, and reduce costs and efforts for water damage restoration. Rely on SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie to restore your property to its preloss condition. Call us 24/7 at (808) 235-5015 for a prompt response.

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When Commercial Fire Damage Keeps Your Entertainment Venue Closed

10/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial When Commercial Fire Damage Keeps Your Entertainment Venue Closed If a fire spreads and causes damage to your venue during a luau, call SERVPRO to remediate the damage quickly.

Rely on SERVPRO for Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Services

Many times, luaus in Kaneohe make use of fire or burning torches. Rarely do accidents ever occur. However, when they do, fire damage can happen rapidly. This can leave guests upset, but an immediate response from management can significantly help calm fears. This response also needs to include mitigation of any areas affected.

Kaneohe hotels and other venues that offer entertainment to guests and the public at large can mitigate fire damage more easily with the help of a professional team. SERVPRO can assist you every step of the way whenever there is damage from small or large blazes. We quickly clean up the soot and oils involved in the fiery displays and remove any damaged materials.

Our professionals can help repair any stages that sustained fire damage from the fire along with areas behind the stage. Restoring fabric backdrops and other props with laundering or hand cleaning can often suffice. Other times, we need to pack these items up for more thorough cleaning at our facility. We return these as soon as possible in like-new condition.

Soot can cling to everything, and oil-based fire produces some of the worst types of soot. However, we have the techniques and tools needed to complete even the messiest jobs. Brushes and cloths remove soot before it can dull surfaces of metals and glossy plastics. Cleansers help us do much of the work by loosening the soot from the items' surfaces.

Unfortunately, not all items can be cleaned or laundered sufficiently. Some items become destroyed by even the smallest fire because of their materials or their fragility. SERVPRO can help with inventory lists of all disposed of items, also, so you can more easily replace the exact items lost. However, restoring items instead of replacing them is often much more cost-effective.

The highly trained professionals at SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie enjoy luaus and know that they remain a vital part of our culture and our economy. We want you to reach out to us at our local number, (808) 235-5015, whenever fire damage might keep you from holding your next show.

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Why You Need Mold Damage Remediation Before Selling Your Hauula Home

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why You Need Mold Damage Remediation Before Selling Your Hauula Home At SERVPRO, we say no to mold infestations and say yes to mold remediation.

Learn Why Professional Mold Remediation is Key in Hauula Homes

Are you thinking of selling your home in Hauula? If you are ready to sell up, you probably have a very long list of things you need to do. Before a house sale, there is so much to do, including finding an estate agent, getting your home neat and tidy for potential buyers, putting it on the market, showing interested parties around and, of course, finding your new dream home. Hauula mold damage is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, SERVPRO recommends checking for signs of mold damage and getting fungal remediation before you try and sell your home in Hauula. Interested buyers will order a home inspection before negotiating a deal with you, and some savvy buyers these days even order a specific mold inspection.

Finding fungus in a possible new home is a quick way to turn buyers off. Mold devalues your home and makes it look unkempt and uncared-for. Visible mold is also a clear tell-tale sign of damp, and nobody wants to move into a home that has obvious damp and mold problems.

Before you sell your house, carry out a thorough examination for mold. Look in all the hidden, damp corners where the fungus loves to grow, and look for signs of colonies such as black, green or brown patches.

SERVPRO’s mold remediation experts are on hand to help you deal with any issues you discover. We start by establishing containment so spores cannot travel to other areas of your home, and we use negative air machines to vent contaminated air to the outside.

Next, we clean all signs of the visible mold, so your home looks fresh and bright. Finally, we use dehumidifiers to lower the humidity and discourage fungal regrowth.

Because damp is vital for mold proliferation, we recommend you deal with any damp areas before putting your home on the market. If you discover leaks, broken roof tiles, or damage pipes or appliances, get them fixed as soon as possible. Consider buying dehumidifiers to keep humidity down and hold mold at bay.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

For help with fungus in Kailua, Laie, Kokokahi, Kaneohe and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie at (808) 235-5015 today.

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Create A Disaster Kit In Case Of Flood Damage In Hauula

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Create A Disaster Kit In Case Of Flood Damage In Hauula Water on the Beach in Hauula, No Flooding in Your Home

SERVPRO Tips to Mitigate Flooding Harm

It is not always easy to predict flooding. However, advanced weather tracking makes it easier these days and weather channels frequently predict flood damage from storms and hurricanes. Preparedness is important – by the time the inclement weather occurs, it is often too late to prepare or make any emergency arrangements. SERVPRO recommends residents of Hauula build a disaster kit in advance, so they are ready when the waters rise.
Everyone hopes that it is possible to be safe at home when flood damage occurs in Hauula. However, it is not always possible to predict damage to your house, or how local services and amenities might be affected by torrents of water. Because flooding is unpredictable and might cause problems with everything from food and water supplies to power outages or lack of access to medical care, it is a good idea to plan as much as you can.
Your kit needs plenty of purified or bottled water, and nonperishable food. Canned food is by far the safest choice after flooding as it is not susceptible to waterborne diseases. Stockpile bottled water, but keep water purification tablets on hand in case your supply runs out.
A first aid kit is a must for post-flood situations. Make sure you have sanitary wipes, anti-bacterial creams, soap, disinfectant, bandages and dressings, anti-diarrhea medication, and a three-day supply of any medicines that you take.
Staying warm is sometimes difficult after a flood. Your emergency supplies should include several changes of clean, warm clothing, and blankets. Add in waterproof gear and gloves so you can navigate waters if you must.
The power sometimes fails after flooding. Buy a supply of flashlights and batteries, or even better invest in wind-up flashlights that do not require a battery. Wind up radio connects you to the outside and makes it easier to listen for news and official announcements.
After the worst is over and you can return home, SERVPRO is on hand to help with flood cleanup. We extract water from your property and set to work salvaging as much as possible, and drying the structure of your home. We also deodorize your house.
For help with flood cleanup in Kokokahi, Kahuku, Kahaluu, Kaneohe and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Kailua North / Laie at (808) 235-5015 today.

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